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A Dessert Reception for a Sweet Finish to Your Wedding Day | Buy a White 3 Tier Cupcake Stand Online
Weddings are expensive, and smart brides and grooms often look for ways to save money while still throwing an unforgettable party. Self-catering is one way to do just that. Especially if you are expecting many guests, a catered sit-down dinner may be out of reach financially. However, you can still have a reception that’s anything but boring. This party is all about celebrating your marriage, enjoying your friends and family, and having a blast – so consider spending less by having a dessert reception instead. Dessert is inexpensive, everyone loves it, and it’s easy to make plenty at once. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful and fun dessert reception to cap off your lovely wedding.
Stay Organised
Make lists of everything you can think of, including what you need to bring to the venue, what you need to return home from the location, where you’ll place decorations on the table, what kind of serving utensils you need with each dish, and so on. You might even hand out copies of your lists to any helpers you might have. Use labels to find things without difficulty, and if you’re an app person, there are many helpful apps available that keep your wedding and reception plans in line and on schedule. Staying organised is the best way to cut back on stress, and you won’t find at the last minute that you forgot something important.
Enlist Help
You can ask volunteers to make desserts, or you can buy frozen desserts that need only to be thawed and displayed. You can also enlist helpers to set up, serve, clean up, and anything else that you require. You could also set up a buffet table with pretty dishes of desserts, with a white 3 tier cupcake stand as the wedding cake. Anything you can do to make things easier on you will help – you should be completely free to enjoy your special day.
Figure Out the Right Amounts
Just how many cupcakes will you need for that beautiful white cupcake stand? How many brownies, truffles, etc.? A good rule of thumb is to assume that each guest will consume 10 “bites.” How many of each dessert depends on how big it is, so for example, a truffle may be one bite, while an éclair might be three. Also, make sure you have enough serveware. You’ll need more utensils, trays, and bowls than you might think – plan for extra to avoid not having what you need.
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