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Choosing the Perfect Centrepieces and Where to Buy Glass Wedding Vases in Bulk
A memorable reception is a large part of having the perfect wedding. The ceremony itself may be the star of the day, but it is the party after that your guests are looking forward to, and the place where the real celebration happens. Many couples take great care with choosing the right food and entertainment – and they should. However, décor also has a significant impact on the overall feel of the reception, and attention to detail in this area can make a dramatic difference. Linen, floral arrangements, and table settings all play a role, but one place you can make your mark is with your centrepieces.
Why Do Centrepieces Matter?
During your reception, your guests will spend a significant amount of time sitting around their tables. When they aren’t moving through receiving lines, dancing, or walking here or there, they’ll be at the table, eating, drinking, and enjoying the company of their fellow guests. You can create a festive, pleasant atmosphere for them with beautiful centrepieces. Buy wedding vases and fill them with fresh flowers, craft arrangements of mirrors and candles, or arrange fruit baskets for your guests to enjoy – whatever you decide, your centrepieces are the perfect opportunity to express your personality through your décor.
What to Consider
When choosing the right centrepieces, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. First, what does your budget allow? Once you know what you can afford, think about how many guests will be seated at each table and how much physical space there is on each table for the centrepiece. You want your guests to be comfortable, so stay away from items that obstruct their view of the dance floor or the person sitting across from them. If you're holding your reception in a dimly lit space, you may want to use tea lights or candles for accent lighting on the tables. If your event is taking place outdoors, consider how the elements will affect your centrepieces (for example, chocolate will melt in the warm sun).
Check with Your Venue
Before finalising your decision, make sure there isn’t a conflict with your venue’s rules. For example, some hired venues won’t allow open flames or breakable glass. Also, confirm set-up times so that you’ll have plenty of time before the event to get your tablescapes ready. Finally, make sure you know who is responsible for clean-up.
Where to Buy Wedding Vases in Bulk
Are you looking to buy wedding vases? At Careyou, we offer many different supplies and decorations including glass wedding vases to help you create the wedding you want. You can purchase many of our products separately or in bulk, and we provide our customers with excellent customer service and lower prices than other stores. Centrepieces take many forms and are as individual as the newlyweds themselves. Work together to find the perfect centrepieces that express both your personalities, whether that means traditional flower arrangements or something more unusual. No matter what style you want to convey at your wedding, Careyou can help.

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