Votive Candles

Reasons to Buy Votive Candles and Votive Candle Holders in Bulk
Even though we live in a world where electricity lights up our nights, there is still something special about candles and the soft, natural glow they provide. For most people, votive candles are a lovely novelty or a way to improve the ambience of the home or other space. For wedding and event planners, however, they are a staple for making events such as weddings feel truly special and to capture the perfect mood. In these cases, it makes sense to get votive candles in bulk at a reasonable price, such as those available for purchase directly from a wholesaler like Careyou.
Votive Candles Make Weddings, and Other Events Feel Special
Weddings are one of the leading events where votive candles can take a starring role as decorations, either during the ceremony or at the reception afterwards. While they are also useful for other occasions, including formal banquets and dinners, we tend to associate the use of votive candles with both traditional and contemporary weddings in particular. When used in these settings, candles offer a dreamy, romantic quality to any evening gathering, as well as adding a touch of style and class.
However, candles are often significantly marked up when sold in gift stores or when sold separately in most retail settings, making getting large numbers of them a potentially prohibitively expense. Given the fact that so many weddings involve large numbers of guests and placement settings, it makes sense to get votive candles and votive candle holders in bulk, especially if you are the wedding planner or coordinator. When you buy your candles in sets, it will also help make your setup process far simpler and ensure that you have matching décor to fit the theme and style of your event.
Where to Buy Votive Candles for Your Next Event
Many event planners rely on Careyou as their one-stop shop for all things related to weddings and other unique event types. If you’re looking to buy votive candles at a reasonable price for your next event, we provide a vast selection of imported candles ready for you to buy. As a direct importer, we pass on incredible savings to you, so you won’t have to deal with the issue of marked up prices typically found with ‘decorative’ or ‘gift’ items like candles.
When you buy your candles in bulk, you can benefit from our Bulk lot Bargain pricing and get all the votive candles you need for whatever event you are planning for 10-15 percent less than you might from other stores. As candles are a particularly popular item with our repeat customers, we frequently offer specials and deals on votive candles available in bulk quantities, allowing you to save even more when you stock up for future events.
At Careyou, we help make getting the wedding and other event essentials you need as affordable as possible. Buy from us today to take advantage of the excellent quality and prices you’ll enjoy with our votive candles and votive candle holders in bulk available for delivery anywhere in Australia or worldwide.

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