Tealight Candles

Buy Wedding Tealight Candles and Holders Wholesale in Bulk
You want your wedding reception to look just right, and you accomplish this is by using tealight candles on each table. Wedding tealight candles placed in wedding tealight candleholders are lovely decorations and provide just the right amount of light to create an appropriate atmosphere even in a darkened room. They can be placed in a hurry and are easy to pick up afterwards. Depending on how many guests you have at your reception it makes sense to see if you can buy tealight candles wholesale. When you want to buy tealight candles, and you know that you’ll need tealight candles in bulk you need to find a store where you can get as many as you need and save money at the same time. That means you need to visit Careyou.
We are an Australian-based store where you can find all your wedding needs, not just tealight candles or tealight candleholders for your wedding but other essential items such as tablecloths. Hand fans are ideal for weddings held on hot days, and we have wedding bubbles, tree centrepieces and much more - in other words, everything that you need to make your wedding décor a success. Best of all you’ll find that our prices are often 10-15% lower than the competition. We are happy to help you both make your wedding a success and save money at the same time.
We have tealight candles in bulk
You’ll find a wide assortment of wedding accessories our store. We don’t just carry wedding tealight candles but other kinds of candles as well. We have unscented pillar candles, church candles, tapered candles, even floating water candles. If you want a distinctive look, you can use tealight candles in our White Heart candle paper bag lanterns. We even have wedding umbrellas for both practical and decorative use. Best of all you get our excellent customer service at unbeatable prices. You can buy everything that you need for your wedding and save money at the same time.
Best wedding supply store
While we only have one store in Moorabbin, Victoria, you can purchase anything that you need online. Our helpful staff will assist you in making any purchase, or you can browse our online store and select your order. We have a great range of candles, including tealight candles, which we offer in bulk at wholesale prices!
We offer quality items at reasonable prices. If anything that we ship to you is broken in transit, we will replace it free of charge. We understand how important it is to you to have a perfect wedding and it is our goal to assist you in any way that we can. When you need quality wedding items at reduced prices why not visit us today?

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