Wedding Candles

Give That Next Wedding Some Beautiful Ambiance. Buy These Bulk Unscented Wedding Candles and Candle Holders
At weddings, there are always go-to décor items that complete a wedding ceremony and reception. Flowers are a must, especially the favourite flower of the bride. Centrepieces at tables, beautiful glassware, and semblances of a couple’s love are all essential aspects as well. But what’s a wedding without candles and candle holders? Candles are possibly the most versatile décor item that a wedding will have. You can use them in so many ways to create ambiance, as well as a relaxing environment filled with love. They’re also vital to a wedding’s lighting setup, as the correct lighting can set the mood for the entire wedding. As a wedding planner, you’ve likely used candles many times in place of bright, harsh lights which can ruin a ceremony.
Because you’ll need unscented candles and candle holders for almost every wedding you plan, you should have a go-to bulk wholesaler who’s trustworthy and can offer products that adhere to most budgets. At Careyou, we are that bulk seller. We supply a wide range of wedding décor products and accessories to event planners all over Australia, and we have a fantastic selection of unscented wedding candles and candle holders in bulk. We have every type of candle display you can think of, including hanging holders, table holders, taper holders, and even glass mirror centrepieces which are perfect for setting candles on. When you want to buy wedding candles in bulk, talk to our team at Careyou.
What You Can Do with Wedding Candles in Bulk
Of course, you’re likely to use some candles to provide lighting for the wedding ceremony and reception, but our candles and holders are so versatile that you can use them for a variety of purposes. Unscented candles are lovely table decorations. You can use them to create a centre display or to provide romantic, mood lighting at each seat. You could also pair our small, floating candles with elegant glass containers for a unique table lighting setup.
Wedding candles are also fantastic ideas for lining the aisles of a wedding ceremony. As the bride and groom walk down the aisle, they can bask in the warm glow of beautiful votive candles. You can even use our candles and hanging candle holders to create overhead lighting at a wedding reception. It’s much more relaxing than harsh, fluorescent lights.
Thanks to our trusted relationships with manufacturers all over the world, we can import a large selection of candles and candle holders, which gives you many options for wedding décor. When you’re ready to buy wedding candles, we hope you consider our options.
Order Today, Ship Tomorrow
We know how stressful wedding planning often is, and that’s why we work hard to provide you with the best customer service possible so that we don’t add to your stress. When you place an order with us, we’ll ship it out within 24 hours, which means you’ll have it on your doorstep in just a few days.
If you have any questions about our products and wholesale prices, call us on 1300 739 768 today.

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