Looking for a Unique Wedding Display Idea? Try This Rustic Framed Chalkboard from Careyou
Your next wedding is nearly here and, as a wedding planner, you’ve thought of everything. The candles, centrepieces, flowers, food, and entertainment are all ready to go. You have your wedding favours for the guests, and you’ve finished the “Wedding Day” schedule for the bride. Are you missing anything? What about adding a more personal touch to the ceremony and reception? Maybe something that the bride even contributes to herself. A fantastic item that can add something personal while also providing a practical purpose is a wedding chalkboard. With a beautiful, rustic chalkboard or two, you can customise it with the name of the happy couple, a monogram, and the wedding date. Display it outside the ceremony’s entrance to help direct the wedding guests while also commemorating the event.
At Careyou, one of Australia’s premier wholesale wedding suppliers, we have a rustic framed chalkboard that’s perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our chalkboard is elegant yet unique and provides the ideal surface for displaying relevant information about the wedding. You can also use it to display information about the reception, such as the food menu or schedule for the evening. We provide fantastic pricing on these chalkboards and, for your benefit, we also offer some unique ideas for how to use them during a wedding day. Keep reading to find out more.
Uses for Our Rustic Chalkboard at Any Wedding
Above, we only scratched the surface when it comes to potential uses for these rustic framed chalkboards. As an entrance piece, you can create a beautiful, handwritten “Thank You” note to all the wedding guests. Using chalk featuring the wedding’s colours, craft an eye-catching message that shows the happy couple’s appreciation for all those who made the trip to the ceremony.
Use a chalkboard to inform the wedding guests of the day’s detailed timeline. As a wedding planner who’s sure to be running around supervising every one of the events and workers, the last thing you’ll want is a line of guests asking you for directions or what time meals will be served. A short schedule displayed on a chalkboard looks lovely and makes a planner or coordinator’s life much more manageable.
Another unusual use for a framed chalkboard is to display to names of the wedding party at the ceremony. You can craft a handwritten sign that shows the names of the bride and groom’s families, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. It’s yet another simple yet lovely way to commemorate the special occasion.
Quick and Easy to Order
Thanks to our up-to-date, well-designed website, ordering from Careyou is a quick and easy task. No matter how many of our rustic chalkboards you need for your next wedding or event, you can order directly from this website, and we’ll ship them to you within 24 hours. If any issues arise with your delivery, our trusted customer service representatives will ensure that they’re fixed at no cost to you no matter what.
For more information on our entire line of wedding décor products and accessories, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 739 768.

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