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Buy This Wooden Display Easel for Wedding Guestbooks or Event Information
There’s something about outdoor weddings and receptions that calls for extensive displays to tie everything together. When you’re designing the layout for an outdoor ceremony, it’s important to have pieces of your décor that offer information and directions for the wedding guests. Especially when a wedding takes place on a large area of land, guests can often get lost if they don’t know exactly where they need to be. Also, for outdoor weddings, it’s best for the décor to have classy, rustic-looking displays for guest books, photos of the happy couple, and information on the wedding parties. Sure, you could set up long tables that have all this information on them, but those don’t have nearly the attention-grabbing effect that something such as a wedding display easel has.
At Careyou, we have the perfect display piece for any outdoor wedding: a wooden easel that’s perfect for propping up a guestbook during the wedding reception or offering a display that features directions toward the ceremony or a schedule of the day’s events. We have these wooden display easels in different styles, including a rustic wood and a more traditional white. No matter the theme of the wedding décor, one or more of these display easels can add a lovely look to it.
Why You Should Buy Our Wedding Easel
Our wooden display easels are incredibly versatile, affording you many options when it comes to adding it to your wedding décor. If the bride decides she wants a large photo display of her favourite engagement photo, you can quickly and cheaply print a large, high-quality photo board and place it on one of our beautiful easels. You’ve made a perfect wedding photo display without taking up too much of the wedding’s budget.
These easels are perfect for holding large guestbooks, providing an elegant and classy way to display them without taking up any table space. Ensure that every guest signs the book by propping up the easel right before the seating begins at the ceremony. The bride and groom will thank you when they see how much love people gave by signing the guestbook.
Use the easel to display a board featuring the wedding reception’s schedule. Tell the guests exactly when dinner will be served, when the happy couple’s first dance will happen, and when the best man will make his speech. Don’t leave the guests wondering when these events take place. Create a classy, informative display with the help of our wooden easel.
Buy Your Wedding Supplies Today
No, we’re not just display easel suppliers. We offer a wide range of wedding supplies and accessories for any theme. Whether you’re planning an upscale, Church wedding and reception or a relaxed, summertime outdoor event, we have the décor items you need to make it a beautiful day for the happy couple.
For ten years, we’ve supplied Australia with some of the best wedding décor items from around the world at prices that are 10-15% cheaper than our competitors. We believe that we have the best prices along with the best customer service in the country. So, when you’re planning your next wedding, let us provide you with everything you need to make it a success.
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