Wedding Table Mirrors

Create Eye-Catching Wedding Tables with Round Glass Mirror Centerpieces from This Wholesale Supplier in Australia
Planning someone’s most special day comes with a sense of pride for any wedding planner. It’s not an easy feat to design an entire wedding ceremony as well as a wedding reception, and there are so many pieces that must come together to create a beautiful atmosphere for a loving couple. While the wedding itself is a beautiful part of the day, it’s what happens after the “I do” exchange that often brings the toughest challenges for a wedding planner. When it comes to a wedding reception, it’s all about fun, food, and festivities for the happy couple as well as all the guests. Whether the ceremony itself was five minutes or 50 minutes, the entire wedding party will be ready to relax and enjoy themselves at the reception. Creating a gorgeous yet fun environment is the key to any reception, and there are so many small pieces that can help do that.
At any traditional reception, the wedding tables are a vital part of its success. The tables are meticulously arranged based on the guest list, but they also need to feature comfortable seating as well as decorations that go with the wedding theme and promote comradery and chattiness between the guests. At Careyou, we recommend round mirror centerpieces for weddings, as they’re understated but elegant. We provide wedding and event planners with wholesale prices in Australia on all our glass mirror centerpieces and wedding accessories.
Benefits of a Round Mirror Centerpiece for Wedding Tables
What makes glass mirror centerpieces a perfect option for any wedding table? First, they’re completely flat, which ensures that the guests at the tables won’t have obstructed views of each other. When guests can see each other, it promotes conversation and eye contact. This all leads to more fun and enjoyment throughout the reception. Items such as very fragrant flowers and scented candles can be overwhelming, especially while guests are eating. Why would you try to mask the scent of a delicious chicken or fish dish with a lavender scented candle?
However, these round mirror Centerpieces are perfect as a base for unscented candles, flower petals, or tea lights. They offer a level of elegance through subtle reflection, providing a classy yet subtle decoration for your tables.
When you’re trying to decide on new table decor ideas, explore our mirror centerpieces at wholesale prices in Australia. We’ll ship in bulk directly to you.
Plan Your Weddings with Us
For over a decade, we have been a premier wholesale wedding decor business in Australia. We supply wedding and event planners with high-quality options for decorations. We’re a direct importer, meaning we can offer prices that are 10 to 15% cheaper than other local stores. We’ll ship directly to you or your business, and we pack our glass mirrors with the best packaging to ensure no damage. However, in the event of damage during shipping, we’ll replace the pieces at no extra charge to you.
Our goal at Careyou is to help you plan a better wedding. To discuss our glass centerpieces or any other wedding products, call us on 1300 739 768.

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