Rustic Wedding Ideas

Tips for a Rustic Wedding Venue Décor, your Photo Shoot, Wedding Table, Wedding Cake, Guest Tables and More!

Rustic themed events are all the rage. They speak of nature, eco-awareness and saving the Planet. They offer a feel-good vibe that resonates with young and old and will turn your event into a truly memorable occasion with your unique personality shining through.


When you first consider a theme for your wedding - classic white always comes to mind. But, perhaps you are looking for something less formal, different and trendier?

Planning a rustic themed event may seem to be a real challenge – where do you start? What décor pieces do you choose?

Earthy brown burlap, natural Hessian, elegant white lace and vintage styles are the key components of a rustic themed event. Here are some tips to help you plan an awesome event in true rustic style.


Ideas for a fabulous rustic themed entrance table: 

Your entrance table is the first place guests stop when they arrive. They will be looking for a friendly face to guide them to their seats and give them the agenda for the occasion. Often guests arrive carrying gifts and look for a place to put them. They may want to leave a message and this is where it happens.

Tip 1 – Choose a stylish rustic Guest Book

A wedding Guest Book becomes a treasured heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. Friends and family will want to write sentimental messages and well wishes on your special day. Choose a beautiful Hessian covered Guest Book decorated with an elegant lace accent and ribbon. It has special pages for friends and family to record their name, signatures and messages.

Tip 2 – Give guests a place to post cards or envelopes

Guests often arrive with a gift of money in an envelope. You need a secure and safe place to keep them – you certainly don’t want your best man rushing around making sure he doesn’t misplace them. A beautiful Bird Cage adds a rustic ambience to your event and letters can be posted inside for safe keeping.

Ideas for decorating your wedding reception tables and chairs in a rustic style:

Your event tables are where guests spend most of their time. The seating must be comfortable and the layout of the table well thought out. Don’t block their view of one another with massive, tall centre-pieces!

Choose authentic artificial flowers that won’t droop and look sad during the event. Ensure that eating utensils are functional and that drinking glasses are sturdy and will not easily break.

Tip 1 – Create a cohesive theme with matching runners and table cloths

Rustic themed events require natural fabrics. Choose a white linen table cloth and cover with burlap runners edged with beautiful vintage lace. Go for matching burlap place mats and indicate seat numbers with adorable heart shaped burlap table numbers. Keep the theme cohesive and simple.

Tip 2 – Chairs must be comfortable for hours of sitting

Don’t spend a fortune on buying chairs for your event. A standard plastic chair is sometimes the most comfortable and suitable for adults and children. But, you say – they look awful! Chairs are instantly transformed into stylish seating by simply covering with a full chair cover and tying with a huge burlap bow at the back – done!

White Lycra Spandex Stretch Chair Covers Wedding Event Party Decoration

Ideas for a rustic décor theme for your indoor hall:

Your venue hall may not be exactly as you want. Often there are dull walls and unsightly corners that need some TLC. Don’t stress, you can easily sort out the basics. Fill empty spaces with pillars holding beautiful flower arrangements. Hang Burlap décor items from the ceiling and use them to cover walls.

Tip 1 – Enhance a high and unsightly ceiling

Your guests may not sit gazing up at the ceiling but in case they do – you don’t want them to be in awe! For a rustic themed event, creating a display of upside down hanging umbrellas makes a sensational topping for your hall. Or, consider stringing wide Hessian drapes from side to side, intertwined with green leafy fronds or creeping ivy.

Tip 2 – Uplift dull corners with stylish pillars

Fill up dull corners with a rustic style pillar topped with a bouquet of myriads of Hessian flowers. How about a display of rough wooden logs, one atop the other that creates natural focal point? Use your imagination, think nature and you will soon create an enchanting venue.

Ideas for a rustic themed outdoor setting:

Garden, country or barn settings are ideal for rustic themed events as you already have the beauty of nature to help you along. Choose dark wood tables and rugged railway sleeper seating. Burlap garlands can be strung from tree to tree. Lacy bird cages can be hung from branches and filled with small gifts for your guests to take home.

Tip 1 – Decide on your table decorations

Planning an event outdoors allows for all types of trendy and unusual table decorations. How about a centre-piece display of dried twigs tied up with a white lacy ribbon? Rough cut mini wooden tree stumps make awesome place mats and coasters. Cute little vintage blackboards with sentimental hand written messages for your guests are sure to get the conversation started.

Tip 2 - Consider outdoor lighting when the sun sets

Planning an outdoor event at night allows you to create an atmospheric ambience with live firelight – nothing is more cosy and enchanting. For a dramatic effect use bamboo lanterns staked into the ground at strategic points. This warm glow creates an island vibe that will delight. For a magical effect, place pillar candles as part of your centre-piece. Choose white unscented candles and wrap them with twisted ropes to add to the rustic look. If you are lucky enough to have a pond, swimming pool or water feature, float tea-lights in glass jars to create a fairytale scene.

Rough cut mini wooden tree stumps

Ideas to make your rustic Wedding Cake a stunner!

When all else is said and done – your wedding cake is the focal point of the day. Rustic wedding cakes have a unique look that deviates from the traditional. The basic concept is to keep the overall design as natural as possible. Embellishments and decorations like wood bark, burlap flowers, stone fruits, twigs and ropes are a great choice. The perfect rustic cake is neither perfect nor precise! Stay away from frosted colours that are not found in nature. Ignore glitzy diamantés, rhinestones and diamonds. Think nature and you have the idea.

Tip 1 – Choose a fabulous stand for your cake

Every wedding cake is enhanced by the stand it is presented on. A fabulous stand can add height, texture and turn a great cake into an exceptional cake. For rustic events, rugged wooden tree stumps are the perfect choice. Use twisted jute ropes to add drama and choose green fronds or twisted green ivy for a splash of colour.

Tip 2 – Offer smaller cup cakes for children and hungry adults

Children are naturally impatient and asking them to wait hours for you to cut your cake may not be the best idea. Solve the problem by surrounding your wedding cake with a myriad of matching miniature cup cakes. Stand them on small wooden logs and those hungry kids, and adults, can help themselves.

Ideas for choosing rustic props for your photo shoot:

Your wedding photos will become part of a unique album, to be treasured by the family and taken out on rainy nights to reminisce. You want to make the best of your photo shoot and planning your props beforehand makes the process flow easily. For rustic events, beautiful Hessian flower girl baskets filled with lacy white flowers add a charming effect.

Tip 1 – Find an old barn with huge wooden doors

The perfect setting for rustic style photos is a barn with huge wooden doors. If you can’t find the perfect barn, create the look by piling up bales of hay and hanging drapes of Hessian to form a backdrop. Old wagon wheels, vintage bicycles and rusty oil lamps are also perfect to add to the mood.

Tip 2 – Use fun Mr and Mrs signs

Now that you are Mr and Mrs why not show off? Include fun Mr and Mrs Burlap bunting in your photo shoot. You can also choose Bride and Groom flags to add movement and interest.

Beautiful Hessian flower girl baskets

Offer your guests lovely rustic favours as a keepsake

Gorgeous glass dome on a wooden stand

As your event draws to a close, you will want to thank your guests for sharing this special celebration with you. Choose lovely gifts that they can take home as a keepsake and treasure. People are different so you may want to select a few items and match them to the personality of your guests. This will take some thought and planning, ensure that you have time – don’t leave it until the last moment.

Tip 1 – Choosing gifts that are edible

Rustic themed events need rustic themed gift ideas. Go for natural ideas that speak of nature. You can offer a wooden bowl of stone fruit or nuts and raisins. Chocolates, home made fudge and macaroons are firm favourites. Pack them in lovely wooden containers that can be used at home after the treats are eaten.

Tip 2 – Choosing gifts that are long lasting

If you prefer not to offer edible gifts there is a huge choice of favours that your guests can use as ornaments in their home. A rustic style frame can display the perfect picture of your event. A lovely Hessian basket will show off a flower display. Small strings of burlap roses are wonderful to decorate a bedroom mirror or add a new look to a work desk. Bamboo fans are ideal for hot weather and a gorgeous glass dome on a wooden stand will hold a plant that reminds them of your stunning rustic themed occasion.

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